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Change control includes the following activities:

Identifying and evaluating necessary changes Evaluating the impact of changes on scope, schedule, and budget Notifying the appropriate parties of the changes and their impact Documenting and implementing accepted changes Rejecting unacceptable changes Documenting unacceptable changes

Reforecasting the scope, schedule, and budget based changes

Identify and Evaluate Necessary Changes C

As part of an overall change control process, change requests must be submitted in writing to the project manager. A complete example and template for a project change request are in Appendix F.

The following change request documents can vary by degree of detail, but certain minimal information is required:

• Control number (may be assigned by the project manager if not known to the requestor)

• Requestor's name, telephone number, e-mail address, and best method of contact (cell phone, pager, etc.)

• Recipient's name, telephone number, and e-mail address

• Statement of requirements to include the business problem, reason for request, and suggested solution

• Estimates of impact of the change to other project aspects, including related tasks, deliverables, resource concerns, time/schedule, cost, and quality

The same change request document could also be used to track change status and disposition. The following information is required:

• Date received

• Disposition (approved versus deferred)

• Appropriate signatures and dates (i.e., project manager, other management, customer, change control board members) as determined by organizational culture and policies

NOTE: Change requests must be submitted in writing to the project manager.

Impact of Changes on Scope, Schedule, and Budget

Change requests can fall into two categories as follows:

• Changes that are required (necessary), as in we need

• Changes that are not required but would still be beneficial (unnecessary), as in we would like

The project manager and stakeholders must agree on the necessity of each change request.

Once a change has been deemed necessary to the current project, you must evaluate the impact of change in terms of the following:

Scope How will the change affect the deliverables?

Schedule Can the change be accomplished without altering the critical path? How is the completion date for any of the deliverables affected?

Budget What effect will the change have on project costs?

Notify the Appropriate Parties

Changes and their impact on the project scope, schedule, and budget need to be communicated clearly to the appropriate stakeholders, including the project team.

Scope Scope changes should be communicated to all parties and documented in a revision or addendum to the Statement Work, which can then be distributed.

Schedule and tasks in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The WBS and the schedule should be updated to reflect the change. A schedule change that affects the entire project should be communicated to all stakeholders.

Budget The budget should be updated to reflect the change.

Budget changes should be reported to executive management, customer (if separate from management), and other stakeholders as appropriate.

Document and Implement the Changes

Changes are documented and integrated into the project plan via the SOW, WBS, and other project documents.

Reforecast the Scope, Schedule, and Budget

All of the appropriate project documents must be updated to include the change. These include the following:

Project schedule

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