• The management plan

• Resource requirements and manloading (if known)

• Organizational relationships and structure

• Responsibility assignment matrix

• Support required from other organizations

• Project policies and procedures

• Change management plan

• Management approval of above

When the project charter contains a scope baseline and management plan, the project charter may function as the project plan. This is not really an effective use of the charter, but it may be acceptable on certain types of projects for internal customers.


Program Manager

Requests the preparation of the program master schedules and provides for integration with the division composite schedules.

Defines work to be accomplished through preparation of the subdivided work description package.

Provides program guidance and direction for the preparation of program plans that establish program cost, schedule, and technical performance; and that define the major events and tasks to ensure the orderly progress of the program.

Functional Manager

Develops the details of the program plans and requirements in conjunction with the program manager. Provides proposal action in support of program manager requirements and the program master schedule.

With guidance furnished by the program manager, participates in the preparation of program plans, schedules, and work release documents which cover cost, schedule, and technical performance; and which define major events and tasks. Provides supporting detail plans and schedules.

Establishes priorities within the program. Obtains relative program priorities between programs managed by other programs from the director, program management, manager, marketing and product development, or the general manager as specified by the policy.

Negotiates priorities with program managers for events and tasks to be performed by his organization.


Program planning and scheduling is functional specialty; the program manager utilizes the services of the specialist organizations. The special retain their own channels to the gen manager but must keep the program manager informed.

Program planning is also a consultat operation and is provided guidelines the program manager. Functional organizations initiate supporting pla for program manager approval, or r to modify plans to maintain currenc Functional organizations also initiat planning studies involving trade-ofl and alternative courses of action for presentation to the program manage

The program manager and program team members are oriented to his program, whereas the functional organizations and the functional managers are "function" and multiprogram oriented. The orientat of each director, manager, and team member

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Program Manager Functional Manager Relationship must be mutually recognized to preclude unreasonable demands and conflicting priorities. Priority confli that cannot be resolved must be referred to the general manager.

Approves program contractual data requirements.

Remains alert to new contract requirements, government regulations and directives that might affect the work, cost, or management of the program.

Provides early technical requirements definitions, and substantiates make -or-buy recommendations. Participates in the formulation of the make -or-buy plan for the program.

Conducts analysis of contractual data requirements. Develops data plans including contractor data requirements list and obtains program manager approval.

Remains alert to new contract requirements, government regulations, and directives that might affect the work, cost, or management of his organization on any program.

Provides the necessary make -or-buy data; substantiates estimates and recommendations in the area of functional specialty.

Make-or-buy concurrence and appri are obtained in accordance with cur Policies and Procedures.

Approves the program bill of material Prepares the program bill of material. for need and compliance with program need and requirements.

Directs data management including maintenance of current and historical files on programmed contractual data requirements.

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