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There are two basic forms that project managers and project engineers can use for practicing better time management. The first form is the "to do" pad as shown in Figure 6-4. The project manager or secretary prepares the list of things to do. The project manager then decides which activities he must perform himself and assigns the appropriate priorities.

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Figure 6-5. Daily calendar log.

The activities with the highest priorities are then transferred to the "daily calendar log," as shown in Figure 6-5. The project manager assigns these activities to the appropriate time blocks based on his own energy cycle. Unfilled time blocks are then used for unexpected crises or for lower-priority activities.

If there are more priority elements than time slots, the project manager may try to schedule well in advance. This is normally not a good practice, because it is very easy to create a backlog of high-priority activities to such a degree that schedule slippages are inevitable. In addition, an activity that today may be a "B" priority could easily become an "A" priority in a day or two. The moral here is do not postpone until tomorrow what you or your team can do today.

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