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On high-risk, high-priority projects or during periods of mistrust, customers may wish to place in-house representatives in the contractor's plant. These in-house representatives do not always appear as in Figure 10-4. (The in-house representative is the one on top!) These representatives, if treated properly, are like additional project office personnel who are not supported by your budget. They are invaluable resources for reading rough drafts of reports and making recommendations as to how their company may wish to see the report organized.

In-house representatives are normally not situated in or near the contractor's project office because of the project manager's need for some degree of privacy. The exception to the rule would be in the design phase of a construction project, where it is imperative to design what the customer wants and to obtain quick decisions and approvals.

Most in-house representatives know where their authority begins and ends. Some companies demand that in-house representatives have a project office escort when touring the plant, talking to functional employees, or simply observing the testing and manufacturing of components.

Figure 10-4. The in-house representative.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have an in-house representative removed from the company because of a disruptive nature. This removal usually requires strong support from the project sponsor in the contractor's shop. The important point to be made here is that executives and project sponsors must maintain proper contact with and control over the in-house representatives, perhaps more so than the project manager.

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