The Enplaned Passenger Market

Perhaps the most critical parameter that illustrates the necessity for a new airport is the enplaned passenger market. (An enplaned passenger is one who gets on a flight, either an origination flight or connecting flight.)

Exhibit 11-3. U.S. Airports Served Nonstop from Denver

Exhibit 11-3. U.S. Airports Served Nonstop from Denver


Exhibit 11-5, shown below, identifies the enplaned passengers for individual airlines servicing Denve 1993.

Connecting passengers were forecast to decrease about 1,000,000 between 1993 and 1995 before retu year growth, totaling 8,285,500 in 2000. As a result, the number of connecting passengers is forecast (46%) of total enplaned passengers at the Airport in 2000 than in 1993 (50%). Total enplaned passeng to increase from 16,320,472 in 1993 to 18,161,000 in 2000—an average increase of 1.5% per year (d< through 1995, then increasing 2.7% per year after 1995).

The increase in enplaned passengers will necessitate an increase in the number of aircraft departures. upon aircraft landed weight, more arrivals and departures will generate more landing fee revenue. Sin derived from cargo operations as well as passenger activities, it is important to recognize that enplane increase.

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