Scoring System

Briefly look at the work plan for one of the days. Under the column labeled "priority," the ten activities for each day are listed. You must first identify the priorities for each activity. Next, under the column labeled "method," you must select the method of accomplishment according to the legend at the bottom of the page. At the same time, you must fill in the activities you wish to perform yourself under the "accomplishment" column in the appropriate time slot because your method for accomplishment may be dependent on whether you have sufficient time to accomplish the activity.

Notice that there is a space provided for you to keep track of activities that have been carried over. This means that if you have three activities on Monday's list that you wish to carry over until Tuesday, then you must turn to Tuesday's work plan and record these activities so that you will not forget.

You will not score any points until you complete Friday's work plan. Using the scoring sheets that follow Friday's work plan, you can return to the daily work plans and fill in the appropriate points. You will receive either positive points or negative points for each decision that you make. Negative points should be subtracted when calculating totals.

After completing the work plans for all five days, fill in the summary work plan that follows and be prepared to answer the summary questions.

You will not be told at this time how the scoring points will be awarded because it may affect your answers.

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