Proposal Preparation

The question always exists of what to do with a project manager between assignments. For companies that survive on competitive bidding, the assignment is clear: The project manager writes proposals for future work. This takes place dur-

ing the feasibility study, when the company must decide whether to bid on the job. There are four ways in which proposal preparation can occur:

• Project manager prepares entire proposal. This occurs frequently in small companies. In large organizations, the project manager may not have access to all available data, some of which may be company proprietary, and it may not be in the best interest of the company to have the project manager spend all of his time doing this.

• Proposal manager prepares entire proposal. This can work as long as the project manager is allowed to review the proposal before delivery to the customer and feels committed to its direction.

• Project manager prepares proposal but is assisted by a proposal manager. This is common, but again places tremendous pressure on the project manager.

• Proposal manager prepares proposal but is assisted by a project manager. This is the preferred method. The proposal manager maintains maximum authority and control until such time as the proposal is sent to the customer, at which point the project manager takes charge. The project manager is on board right from the start, although his only effort may be solely in preparing the technical volume of the proposal and perhaps part of the management volume.

Project-driven companies provide project managers with release time for proposal preparation. If there exists a large time span between proposal submittal and contract award, then the company may be forced to assign a project manager who had no input into the proposal activities. This can lead to poor performance due to lack of commitment.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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