Project Specifications

A specification list as shown in Table 11-2 is separately identified or called out as part of the statement of work. Specifications are used for man-hour, equipment, and material estimates. Small changes in a specification can cause large cost overruns.

Another reason for identifying the specifications is to make sure that there are no surprises for the customer downstream. The specifications should be the most current revision. It is not uncommon for a customer to hire outside agencies

6 Statement of Work Handbook NHB5600.2, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, February 1975.

to evaluate the technical proposal and to make sure that the proper specifications are being used.

Specifications are, in fact, standards for pricing out a proposal. If specifications either do not yet exist or are not necessary, then work standards should be included in the proposal. The work standards can also appear in the cost volume




• Field equipment

• Roofing and siding

• Structural design Electrical

• Electrical testing

• Power systems

• Switchgear

• Synchronous generators HVAC

• Hazardous environment

• Insulation

• Refrigeration piping

• Sheetmetal ductwork Installation

• Conveyors and chutes

• Fired heaters and boilers

• Heat exchangers

• Vessels Instruments

• Alarm systems

• Control valves

• Flow instruments

Specification No.

100 (Index)

101 102 121 122

200 (Index)

201 201 209

226 227

300 (Index)

400 (Index)

500 (Index)

• Pressure instruments 537

• Temperature instruments 538 Mechanical equipment 600 (Index)

• Compressors 602

• High-speed gears 603

• Material handling equipment 640 •Mechanical agitators 641

• Steam turbines 642 Piping 700 (Index)

• Expansion joints 701

• Field pressure testing 702

• Installation of piping 703

• Pipe fabrication specs 749

• Pipe supports 750 •Steam tracing 751

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Description Specification No.

Project administration 800 (Index)

• Drafting standards 802

• General requirements 803 •Project coordination 841

• Reporting procedure 842

• Vendor data 843 Vessels 900 (Index)

• Fireproofing 901

• Reinforced tanks 948

• Shell and tube heat exchangers 949

• Steam boilers 950

• Vessel linings 951

of the proposal. Labor justification backup sheets may or may not be included in the proposal, depending on RFP/RFQ requirements.

Several years ago, a government agency queried contractors as to why some government programs were costing so much money. The main culprit turned out to be the specifications. The government began streamlining specifications and allowed the contractors to have more of a say as to ''how" the work would be done provided that the end-item performance criteria was still met.

Typical specifications contain twice as many pages as necessary, do not stress quality enough, are loaded with unnecessary designs and schematics, are difficult to read and update, and are obsolete before they are published. Streamlining existing specifications is a costly and time-consuming effort. The better alternative is to educate those people involved in specification preparation as to correctness so that all future specifications will be reasonably correct.

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