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Corporations encourage employees to think up new ideas that, if approved by the corporation, will generate monetary and nonmonetary rewards for the idea generator. One such reward is to identify the individual as a "project champion." Unfortunately, all too often the project champion becomes the project manager, and, although the idea was technically sound, the project fails.

Table 1-3 provides a comparison between project managers and project champions. The conclusion to be drawn from Table 1-3 is that the project champions may become so attached to the technical side of the project that they become derelict in their administrative responsibilites. Perhaps, therefore, the project champion might function best as a project engineer rather than the project manager.


• Prefer to work in groups • Prefer working individually

• Committed to their managerial and technical • Committed to technology responsibilities

• Committed to the corporation • Committed to the profession

• Seek to achieve the objective • Seek to exceed the objective

• Are willing to take risks • Are unwilling to take risks; try to test everything

• Seek what is possible • Seek perfection

• Think in terms of short time spans • Think in terms of long time spans

• Are committed to and pursue material values • Are committed to and pursue intellectual values

This comparison does not mean that technically oriented project managers-champions will fail. Rather, it implies that the selection of the "proper" project manager should be based on all facets of the project.

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