Statements 21-40 involve how project managers motivate team members. Again, it is important that your ratings honestly reflect the way you think that you, as project manager, try to motivate employees. Do not indicate the way others or the instructor might recommend motivating the employees. Your thoughts are what are important in this exercise.

21. Project managers should encourage employees to -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 take advantage of company benefits such as stock option plans and retirement plans.

22. Project managers should make sure that team -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 members have a good work environment (i.e., heat, lighting, low noise, restrooms, cafeteria, etc.).

23. Project managers should assign team members -3 work that can enhance each team member's reputation.

24. Project managers should create a relaxed, cooperative environment for the team members.

25. Project managers should continually remind the -3 team that job security is a function of competitiveness, staying within constraints, and good customer relations.

26. Project managers should try to convince team -3 members that each new assignment is a challenge.

27. Project managers should be willing to reschedule -3 activities, if possible, around the team's company and out-of -company social functions.

28. Project managers should continually remind -3 employees of how they will benefit, monetarily, by successful performance on your project.

29. Project managers should be willing to "pat people -3 on the back" and provide recognition where applicable.

30. Project managers should encourage the team to -3 maintain constant self-development with each assignment.

31. Project managers should allow team members to -3 set their own standards, where applicable.

32. Project managers should assign work to functional -3 employees according to seniority on the job.

33. Project managers should allow team members to -3 use the informal, as well as formal, organization to get work accomplished.

34. As a project manager, I would like to control the -3 salaries of the full-time employees on my project.

35. Project managers should share information with -3 the team. This includes project information that may not be directly applicable to the team member's assignment.

36. Project managers should encourage team members -3 to be creative and to solve their own problems.

37. Project managers should provide detailed job -3 descriptions for team members, outlining the team member's role and responsibility.

38. Project managers should give each team member -3 the opportunity to do what the team member can do best.

39. Project managers should be willing to interact -3 informally with the team members and get to know them, as long as there exists sufficient time on the project.

40. Most of the employees on my project earn a salary -3 commensurate with their abilities.

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