• Responsibility

• Future work assignments

These seven items can be administered by line managers only, but the project manager can have indirect involvement by telling the line manager how well an employee is doing (and putting it in writing), requesting overtime because the project budget will permit it, and offering individuals the opportunity to perform work above their current pay grade. However, such work above pay grade can cause se-


vere managerial headaches if coordination with the line manager does not take place, because the individual will expect immediate rewards if he performs well.

The establishment of project administrative requirements is part of project planning. Executives must either work with the project managers at project initiation or act as resource persons. Improper project administrative planning can create a situation that requires:

• A continuous revision and/or establishment of company and/or project policies, procedures, and directives

• A continuous shifting in organizational responsibility and possible unnecessary restructuring

• A need for staff to acquire new knowledge and skills

If these situations occur simultaneously on several projects, there can be confusion throughout the organization.

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Project Management Made Easy

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