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Probably the most difficult figure to construct is the logic diagram. Logic diagrams are developed to illustrate the inductive and deductive reasoning necessary to achieve some objective within a given time frame. The major difficulty in developing logic diagrams is the inability to answer such key questions as: What happens if something goes wrong? Can I quantify any part of the diagram's major elements?

Logic diagrams are constructed similar to bar charts on the supposition that nothing will go wrong and are usually accompanied by detailed questions, possi-

Figure 13-17. Propellant samples testing matrix.

bly in a checklist format, that require answering. The following questions would be representative of that might accompany a logic diagram for a research and development project:

• What documentation is released to start the described activity and possibly the elements within each activity?

• What information is required before this documentation can be released? (What prior activities mus completed, work designed, studies finalized, etc?)

• What are the completion, or success, criteria for the activity?

• What are the alternatives for each phase of the program if success is not achieved?

• What other activities are directly dependent on the result of this activity?

• What other activities or inputs are required to perform this activity?

• What are the key decision points, if any, during the activity?

• What documentation signifies completion of the activity (i.e., report, drawing, etc.)?

• What management approval is required for final documentation?

These types of questions are applicable to many other forms of data presentation, not necessarily logi diagrams.

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