Jokes About The Abbreviation

DENVER—The Denver International Airport, whose opening has been delayed indefinitely because of snafus, has borne the brunt of joke writers.

Punsters in the aviation and travel community have done their share of work on one particular genre, coming up with new variations on the theme of DIA, the star-crossed airport's new and as-yet-unused city code.

Here's what's making the rounds on electronic bulletin boards; it originated in the May 15 issue of the Boulder (Colo.) Camera newspaper:

1. Dis Is Awful

2. Doing It Again

3. Dumbest International Airport

4. Dinosaur In Action

5. Debt In Arrival

6. Denver's Intense Adventure

7. Darn It All

8. Dollar Investment Astounding

9. Delay It Again

10. Denver International Antique

11. Date Is AWOL

12. Denver Intellects Awry

13. Dance Is Autumn

14. Dopes In Authority

15. Don't Ice Attendance

16. Drop In Asylum

17. Don't Immediately Assume

18. Don't Ignore Aspirin

19. Dittohead Idle Again

20. Doubtful If Atall

21. Denver In Action

22. Deces, l'Inaugural Arrivage (means "dead on arrival" in French)

Dummies In Action

Dexterity In Action

Display In Arrogance

Denver Incomplete Act

D'luggage Is A'coming

Defect In Automation

Dysfunctional Itinerary Apparatus

Dis Is Absurd

Delays In Abundance

Did It Arrive?

Denver's Infamous Air-or-port (sounds like "error")

Dopes In Action

Doubtful Intermittent Access

Don't Intend Atall

Damned Inconvenient Airport

Duped In Anticipation

Delay in Action

Delirious In Accounting

Date Indeterminate, Ah?

Denver's Indisposed Access

Detained Interphase Ahead

Denver's Interminably Aground

Deceit In Action

Delay Institute America

Denver's Intractable

Delayed Indefinitely Again

Delayed Introduction Again

Disaster In Arrears

Denver International Amusementpark

Debacle In Action

Deadline (of) Incomprehensible Attainment

Duffel Improbable Arrival

Delay In America

Dying In Anticipation

Dazzling Inaccessible Absurdity

Damned Intractable Automation

Da Infamous Annoyance

Dare I Ask?

Done In Arrears

Done In Ancestral

Denver International Accident

Dumb Idea Anyway

Diversion In Accounting

Doesn't Include Airlines

Disparate Instruments in Action

Delay International Airport

Dumb Idea Askew

Delayed Indefinitely Airport

Delays In Arrival

Deja In Absentee

Done In Aminute

Done In August

Denver's Inordinate Airport

Denver's Imaginary Airport

Debentures In Arrears

Denver Isn't Airborne

Descend Into Abyss

Done In April 2000

Disaster In Aviation

82. Denver's Interminable Airport

83. Denver In Arrears

84. Dallying Is Aggravating

85. Don't In Angst

86. Distress Is Acute

87. Development Is Arrested

88. Darned Inevitable Atrocity

89. Debt In Airport

90. Devastation In Aviation

91. Debacle In Automation

92. Denver's Inconstructable Airport

93. Denver Is Awaitin'

94. DIsAster

95. Denver's Inoperable Airport

96. Delay, Impede, Await

97. Date Isn't Available

98. Delayed International Airport

99. Denver Irrational Airport

100. Denver Irate Association

101. Denver's Ignominious Atrocity

102. Daytrippers Invitational Airport

103. Delay Is Anticipated

104. Doofis, Interruptness, Accidentalis

105. Denver International Arrival

106. Denver's Interminable Apparition

107. Distance Is Astronomical

108. Doubtful It's Able

109. Dreadfully Ineffective Automation

110. Do It Again

Did it, Installed it, Ate it Drowned In Apoplexy

Dodo International Airport (the dodo is an extinct, flightless bird)

Dead In the Air

Denouement In Ambiguity

Deserted, Inactive Airport

Definitely Incapable of Activation

Democracy In Action

Dysfunction Imitating Art

Design In Alabaster

Desperately In Arrears

Dazzling, If Anything

Delay In Aeternum

Delighted If Actualized

Destination: Imagine Arabia

Dumb Idea: Abandoned?

Deem It Apiary

Dollars In Action

Definitely Iffy Achievement

Dreadfully Incompetent Architects

Denver International Ain't

Delayed In Automation

Dragging Its Ass

Driving Is Advantageous

Dang It All

Druggies Installing Automation Dumb Idea Approved Didn't Invite Airplanes Died In April Deplane In Albuquerque

141. Departure Is Agonizing

142. Denver's Infuriating Abscess

143. Denver's Ill-fated Airport

144. Domestic International Aggravation

145. Duffels In Anchorage

146. Denver's Indeterminate Abomination

147. Damn It All

148. Darn Idiotic Airport

149. Delay Is Acceptable

150. Denver's Idle Airport

151. Does It Arrive?

152. Damned Inconvenient Anyway

18 Boulder (Colorado) Camera Newspaper, May 15, 1991.

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