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Successful project management, regardless of the organizational structure, is only as good as the individuals and leaders who are managing the key functions. Project management is not a one-person operation; it requires a group of individuals dedicated to the achievement of a specific goal. Project management includes:

• A project manager

• An assistant project manager

Generally, project office personnel are assigned full-time to the project and work out of the project office, whereas the project team members work out of the functional units and may spend only a small percentage of their time on the project. Normally, project office personnel report directly to the project manager, but they may still be solid to their line function just for administrative control. A project office usually is not required on small projects, and sometimes the project can be accomplished by just one person who may fill all of the project office positions.

Before the staffing function begins, five basic questions are usually considered:

• What are the requirements for an individual to become a successful project manager?

• Who should be a member of the project team?

• Who should be a member of the project office?

• What problems can occur during recruiting activities?

• What can happen downstream to cause the loss of key team members?

On the surface, these questions may not seem especially complex. But when we apply them to a project environment (which is by definition a "temporary" situation) where a constant stream of projects is necessary for corporate growth, the staffing problems become overly complex, especially if the organization is understaffed. Conflicts and priority setting become a way of life during the staffing functions.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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