In Chapter 11, we defined the steps involved in establishing a formal program plan with detailed schedules such that the total program can be effectively managed. Once the need has arisen to commit the plan to paper via the master program plan, suitable notations must be adapted. Any plan, schedule, drawing, or specification that will be read by more than one person must be regarded as a vehicle for the communication of information. If effective communication is to be established and maintained in compliance with the requirements, this information must be expressed in a language that is understood by all recipients.

The ideal situation is to construct charts and schedules in suitable notation that can be used for both in-house control and out-of-house customer status reporting. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Whenever a project has to be accomplished according to a time or date deadline, then both the customer and contractor must have an accurate picture of the relations between the time allowed and the time needed. Both the customer and contractor are interested mainly in the three vital control parameters:

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