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Since projects, environments, and organizations differ from company to company as well as project to project, it is not unusual for companies to struggle to provide reasonable job descriptions of the project manager and associated personnel. Below is a simple list identifying the duties of a project manager in the construction industry:7

Become completely familiar with all contract documents

Develop the basic plan for executing and controlling the project

7 Source unknown.

• Direct the preparation of project procedures

• Direct the preparation of the project budget

• Direct the preparation of the project schedule

• Direct the preparation of basic project design criteria and general specifications

• Direct the preparation of the plan for organizing, executing, and controlling field construction activities

• Review plans and procedures periodically and institute changes if necessary

• Organizing

• Develop organization chart for project

• Review project position descriptions, outlining duties, responsibilities, and restrictions for key project supervisors

• Participate in the selection of key project supervisors

• Develop project manpower requirements

• Continually review project organization and recommend changes in organizational structure and personnel, if necessary

• Direct all work on the project that is required to meet contract obligations

• Develop and maintain a system for decision making within the project team whereby decisions are made at the proper level

• Promote the growth of key project supervisors

• Establish objectives for project manager and performance goals for key project supervisors

• Foster and develop a spirit of project team effort

• Assist in resolution of differences or problems between departments or groups on assigned projects

• Anticipate and avoid or minimize potential problems by maintaining current knowledge of overall project status

• Develop clear written strategy guidelines for all major problems with clear definitions of responsibilities and restraints

• Controlling

• Monitor project activities for compliance with company purpose and philosophy and general corporate policies

• Interpret, communicate, and require compliance with the contract, the approved plan, project


procedures, and directives of the client

• Maintain personal control of adherence to contract warranty and guarantee provisions

• Closely monitor project activities for conformity to contract scope provisions. Establish change notice procedure to evaluate and communicate scope changes

• See that the plans for controlling and reporting on costs, schedule, and quality are effectively utilized

• Maintain effective communications with the client and all groups performing project work

A more detailed job description of a construction project manager (for a utility company) appears below:


Under minimum supervision establishes the priorities for and directs the efforts of personnel (including their consultants or contractors) involved or to be involved on project controlled tasks to provide required achievement of an integrated approved set of technical, manpower, cost and schedule requirements.

1. Directs the development of initial and revised detailed task descriptions and forecasts of their associated technical, manpower, cost, and schedule requirements for tasks assigned to the Division.

2. Directs the regular integration of initial and revised task forecasts into Divisional technical, manpower, cost, and schedule reports and initiates the approval cycle for the reports.

3. Reviews conflicting inter- and extra-divisional task recommendations or actions that may occur from initial task description and forecast development until final task completion and directs uniform methods for their resolution.

4. Evaluates available and planned additions to Division manpower resources, including their tasks applications, against integrated technical and manpower reports and initiates actions to assure that Division manpower resources needs are met by the most economical mix of available qualified consultant and contractor personnel.

5. Evaluates Divisional cost and schedule reports in light of new tasks and changes in existing tasks and initiates actions to assure that increases or decreases in task cost and schedule are acceptable and are appropriately approved.

6. Prioritizes, adjusts and directs the efforts of Division personnel (including their consultants and contractors) resource allocations as necessary to both assure the scheduled achievement of state and federal regulatory commitments and maintain Divisional adherence to integrated manpower, cost and schedule reports.

7. Regularly reports the results of Divisional manpower, cost and schedule evaluations to higher management.

8. Regularly directs the development and issue of individual task and integrated Project programs reports.

9. Recommends new or revised Division strategies, goals and objectives in light of anticipated long-term manpower and budget needs.

10. Directly supervises project personnel in the regular preparation and issue of individual task descriptions and their associated forecasts, integrated Division manpower, cost and schedule reports and both task and Project progress reports.

11. Establishes basic organizational and personnel qualification requirements for Division (including their consultants or contractors) performance on tasks.

12. Establishes the requirements for, directs the development and approves control programs to standardize methods used for controlling similar types of activities in the Project and in other Division Departments.

13. Establishes the requirements for, directs the development of and approves administrative and technical training programs for Divisional personnel.

14. Approves recommendations for the placement of services or material purchase orders by Division personnel and assures that the cost and schedule data associated with such orders is consistent with approved integrated cost and schedule reports.

15. Promotes harmonious relations among Division organizations involved with Project tasks.

16. Exercises other duties related to Divisional project controls as assigned by the project manager. Qualifications

1. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering or a Business Degree with a minor in Engineering or Science from an accredited four (4) year college or university.

2. a) (For Engineering Graduate) Ten (10) or more years of Engineering and Construction experience including a minimum of five (5) years of supervisory experience and two (2) years of management and electric utility experience.

b) For Business Graduate) Ten (10) or more years of management experience including a minimum of five (5) years of supervisory experience in an engineering and construction related management area and two (2) years of experience as the manager or assistant manager of major engineering and construction related projects and two (2) recent years of electric utility experience.

3. Working knowledge of state and federal regulations and requirements that apply to major design and construction projects such as fossil and nuclear power stations.

4. Demonstrated ability to develop high level management control programs.

5. Experience related to computer processing of cost and schedule information.

6. Registered Professional Engineer and membership in appropriate management and technical societies is desirable (but not necessary).

7.8 At least four (4) years of experience as a staff management member in an operating nuclear power station or in an engineering support on- or off-site capacity.

8.8 Detailed knowledge of federal licensing requirement for nuclear power stations.

9.8 Reasonably effective public speaker.

Because of the potential overlapping nature of job descriptions in a project management environment, some companies try to define responsibilities for each project management position, as shown in Table 4-3.

8 Qualifications 7 through 9 apply only for Nuclear Project Directors.


Project Management Position Typical Responsibility

1 Project Administrator 1 Project Coordinator 1 Assistant Technical

1 Task Manager 1 Project Engineer 1 Assistant Project Manager

1 Project Manager 1 Program Manager

1 Executive Program Manager

1 Director of Programs 1 V.P. Program Development

Coordinating and integrating of subsystem tasks. Assisting in determining technical and manpower requirements, schedules, and budgets. Measuring and analyzing project performance regarding technical progress, schedules, and budgets.

Same as above, but stronger role in establishing and maintaining project requirements. Conducting trade-offs. Directing the technical implementation according to established schedules and budgets.

Same as above, but stronger role in project planning and controlling. Coordinating and negotiating requirements between sponsor and performing organizations. Bid proposal development and pricing. Establishing project organization and staffing. Overall leadership toward implementing project plan. Project profit. New business development.

Title reserved for very large programs relative to host organization. Responsibilities same as above. Focus is on directing overall program toward desired business results. Customer liaison. Profit performance. New business development. Organizational development.

Responsible for managing multiprogram business via various project organizations, each led by a project manager. Focus is on business planning and development, profit performance, technology development, establishing policies and procedures, program management guidelines, personnel development, organizational development.

Skill Requirements

• Coordinating

• Understanding the organization

1 Technical expertise 1 Assessing trade-offs 1 Managing task implementation 1 Leading task specialists

1 Overall program leadership 1 Team building 1 Resolving conflict 1 Managing multidisciplinary tasks 1 Planning and allocating resources 1 Interfacing with customers/sponsors

1 Business leadership 1 Managing overall program businesses 1 Building program organizations 1 Developing personnel 1 Developing new business

1 Leadership 1 Strategic planning 1 Directing and managing program business 1 Building organizations 1 Selecting and developing key personnel 1 Identifying and developing new business

Occasionally, an attempt is made to create specialized definitions for the project manager. As described by Shah:9

Like a physician, a project manager must be an expert diagnostician; he must guard his project from infection, detect symptoms, diagnose causes and prescribe cures for a multitude of afflictions.

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