Defining the Functional Employees Role

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Once the line managers commit to the deliverables, it is the responsibility of the assigned functional employees to achieve the functional deliverables. For years the functional employees were called subordinates. Although this term still exists in textbooks, industry prefers to regard the assigned employees as "associates" rather than subordinates. The reason for this is that in project management associates can be a higher pay grade than the project manager. The associates can even be a higher pa grade than their functional manager.

In most organizations, the assigned employees report on a "solid" line to their functional manager, ev though they may be working on several projects simultaneously. The employees are usually a "dotted line to the project but solid to their function. This places the employees in the often awkward positior reporting to multiple individuals simultaneously. This situation is further complicated when the proje manager has more technical knowledge than the line manager. This occurs during R&D projects.

The functional employee is expected to accomplish the following activities when assigned to projects

• Accept responsibility for accomplishing the assigned deliverables within the project's constraints

• Complete the work at the earliest possible time

• Periodically inform both the project and line manager of the project's status

• Bring problems to the surface quickly for resolution

• Share information with the rest of the project team

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