• Performance

All schedules and charts should consider these three parameters and their relationship to corporate resources.

Information must be available such that proper project evaluation can be made. There are four methods for project evaluation:

• Firsthand observation

• Oral and written reports

• Review and technical interchange meetings

• Graphical displays

Firsthand observations are an excellent tool for obtaining nonfiltered information. Many times, functional managers get a deep sense of pride when they see key project personnel observing work, provided that these personnel are, in fact, observing and not providing direction. Firsthand observation may not be possible on large projects.

Although oral and written reports are a way of life, they often contain either too much or not enough detail. Significant information may be disguised. Most organizations do not have standardized reporting procedures, which further complicates the situation.

Review and technical interchange meetings provide face-to-face communications between all concerned parties, a situation that can often result in immediate agreement on problem definitions or solutions, such as changing a schedule. The difficult problem is in the selection of attendees from the customer's and the contractor's organizations.

Graphical displays are the prime means for tracking cost, schedule, and performance. Good graphics usually makes the information easy to identify. Unfortunately, not all information can be displayed, and quite often any additional information requests require additional cost and effort. Proper graphical displays can result in:

• Cutting project costs and reducing the time scale

• Coordinating and expediting planning

• Eliminating idle time

• Obtaining better scheduling and control of subcontractor activities

• Developing better troubleshooting procedures

• Cutting time for routine decisions, but allowing more time for decision making 13.1—

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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