Conflict Resolution Modes

Having never worked with this manager before, you are unsure about which conflict resolution mode would work best. You decide to wait a few days and then set up an appointment with the department manager without stating what subject matter will be discussed. You then try to determine what conflict resolution mode appears to be dominant based on the opening remarks of the department manager. Neglecting the fact that your conversation with the department manager might already be considered as confrontation, for each statement shown below, select the conflict resolution mode that the department manager appears to prefer. After each member of the group has recorded his personal choices in the table on page 420, determine the group choices. Numerical values will be attached to your answers at a later time. Allow ten minutes for this part.

A. Withdrawal is retreating from a potential conflict.

B. Smoothing is emphasizing areas of agreement and de-emphasizing areas of disagreement.

C. Compromising is the willingness to give and take.

D. Forcing is directing the resolution in one direction or another, a win-or-lose position.

E. Confrontation is a face-to-face meeting to resolve the conflict.

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Group Chotcc










A. The rcquircinenft arc my decision, und we're doing Ii inj way.

9. I've (lidughi about iii :mk! jtuj're rijlht. Wtl (1(111 ymur way,

C. Let'sdiscu»(heproblem PtrbapS ihcre «re alternatives,

D. Let me if jin explain why wc nci'd lliç nçw requirements.


F. Set ïrty iccUoq supcrvLUflTT they're h:Ltiülin^. it now.

I've looked <iver the proben) and [ might be able Wesse upon some nf tht requirement*.

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