Continental confirmed that as of November 1, 1994, it would reduce its flights out of Denver from 80 to 23. At one time, Continental had 200 flights out of Denver.

Denver announced that it expected to sell $200 million in new bonds. Approximately $150 million would be used to cover future interest payments on existing DIA debt and to replenish interest and other money paid due to the delayed opening.

Approximately $50 million would be used to fund the construction of an interim baggage handling system of the more conventional tug-and-conveyor type. The interim system would require 500-600 people rather than the 150-160 people needed for the computerized system. Early estimates said that the conveyor belt/tug-and-cart system would be at least as fast as the system at Stapleton and would be using proven technology and off-the-shelf parts. However, modifications would have to be made to both the terminal and the concourses.

United Airlines asked for a 30-day delay in approving the interim system for fear that it would not be able to satisfy their requirements. The original lease agreement with DIA and United stipulated that on opening day there would be a fully operational automated baggage handling system in place. United had 284 flights a day out of Denver and had to be certain that the interim system would support a 25-minute turnaround time for passenger aircraft.

The city's District Attorney's Office said it was investigating accusations of falsified test data and shoddy workmanship at DIA. Reports had come in regarding fraudulent construction and contracting practices. No charges were filed at that time.

DIA began repairing cracks, holes, and fissures that had emerged in the runways, ramps, and taxiways. Officials said that the cracks were part of the normal settling problems and might require maintenance for years to come.

United Airlines agreed to invest $20 million and act as the project manager to the baggage handling system at Concourse B. DIA picked February 28, 1995 as the new opening date as long as either the primary or secondary baggage handling systems were operational.

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