The plan stage

A go decision in the design stage initiates formal capture and development of basic activity and resource based plans at a strategic level, indicating how the design will be executed (whichway), what resources are required in broad terms (wherewithal), and how long it will take (when). The focus of this stage is these three Ws, but loops through the other three will be involved. Yet more individuals and organizations may become involved. 'Development of targets and milestones' involves determining specific targets for producing the project deliverable, typically in terms of cost and time, but sometimes in terms of resource usage or other considerations as well. 'Plan development' follows and leads to 'plan evaluation' in go/no-go/maybe terms. A maybe decision may require further development of targets and milestones within the plan stage, but more fundamental difficulties may take the process back to design development or even concept elaboration. The basic process threat at this stage is moving on to the allocate stage before effective development and evaluation of the plans in terms of all six Ws at a strategic level, and both 'maker' and

'breaker' threats at a strategic planning level underlie this. The basic process opportunity is avoiding the breakers and capturing the makers.

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