Support and convince at a strategic level

Convincing those responsible for a project go/no-go/maybe decision to agree to a go can be associated with a change in the mode of operation at this point in the process, from crafted report writing to selling the recommendations of the report. It can be useful to make this change explicit, just to acknowledge the need for going beyond writing a good report. However, once this is done, it becomes obvious that the selling process, more generally defined as taking all key players with us, needs to start much earlier. In precedence relationship terms, this task has a 'finish to finish' relationship with consolidating and explaining the strategy, not a 'finish to start' relationship.

Those experienced with the use of formal analysis to assist with decision taking clearly understand that formal analysis does not make decisions for people, it simply guides decision taking. The support and convince task is concerned with providing an interface between analysis as reported in formal documents and a clear understanding of the issues in holistic terms. It is also concerned with changing people's perceptions in advance of formal reporting when culture change issues are involved, and it may involve important aspects of bargaining to achieve this.

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