In summary, some of the key messages of this chapter as a whole include:

1. The central issue when considering RMP short cuts is the trade-off between the effectiveness of the RMP and the cost of the RMP.

2. Simplicity efficiency, as portrayed in Figure 15.4, is central to managing these trade-offs. It is part of the concept of risk efficiency defined in the general sense used by this book.

3. RMP effectiveness is a complex concept to assess and requires an understanding of risk efficiency in terms of all relevant criteria and a rich set of motives that include creating a learning organization that people want to be a part of.

4. The high opportunity cost of time in a crisis is also part of the argument for much more proactive learning based on formal processes than might seem obvious. Time spent training, developing skills, developing judgement, so everyone is effective, efficient, and cool in a crisis has advantages well understood by military commanders for millennia.

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