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Goalsontrack Smart Goal Setting Software

Right from the start when we are little kids, we set goals no matter how small or big they are. We don’t only do that, but also make efforts to achieve them. Of course, not all of us stick to them. There are people who seem to lose the track of time and forget about the basic reality of life – goals are there to make us successful.

This also goes to say if every person fulfilled his or her goal, we’d all be successful now. That is a harsh truth, but it is what it is.

So, after realizing that truth and finally making up your mind to set goals and achieve them, are you ready to know about a software that could help you exactly in that?

GoalsOnTrack – What is it?

Using software in this age is not something unusual. We all do that somehow and sometime in our lives. It has become the norm. Why are they used so much, you ask? Simply because software make us productive by making everything easy for us.

The same is true for GoalsOnTrack. It has been created by Harry Che—the founder of the company—to facilitate people like you in making the right decisions and tracking them in the form of goals.

The company was created in 2008 when the personal development landscape was at its development stage. Soon after its first release, people saw the potential in it and the response had been overwhelming. All of this prompted the company to release an update, which they did a year later.

Since then, GoalsOnTrack has been helping millions of people keep a stern track of their goals, break them down in short-term achievable goals, and finally receive motivation to complete them.

Why should you use GoalsOnTrack?

Using this software has its merits and they can be understood well once we go through its features.

1. Goal Dashboard

A review of all of your goals is set in one clean and crisp dashboard that will help you prioritize the goals you feel are more important.

2. S.M.A.R.T Goals

A unique goal-completing form, the S.M.A.R.T Goals lets you create goals based on their specificity, achievement levels, time management, and relevance.

3. Creating multilevel sub-goals

The art of achieving a bigger goal is by dividing it into smaller ones that are easily achievable. For example, writing a book is a long-term goal that can be easily achieved by setting daily goals. That could be anything from writing a single line each day to researching for it.

4. Keep a track of your goals

Progress Tracking is another feature of the software that lets you keep a track of your goals by sub-goals, tasks, outcome, and also manually. It is up to you. With that, the progress can also be shown in different colors.

5. Goal Templates

Probably, this is the best feature so far. Goal Templates are detailed action plans that can give you a head start in achieving something familiar, for example, writing a book. All of the sub-goals relating to different ideas are listed in their dedicated template. Better yet, you can create your own template as well.

6. Manage your tasks effectively

For this, the software has a Task Management feature that allows you to add or complete tasks on the go. Their recurring frequency can be daily, weekly or monthly.

7. Habit Tracking

Forming habits have never been so easy. GoalsOnTrack allows you to build daily, weekly, and monthly habits and track their execution. It also shows you the strength of your habit formation.

8. Goal Journal

Successful businessmen keep a journal of their goals. With this software you can do that, too, and quite easily. You can even bookmark important entries for future references.

9. Vision Board

GoalsOnTrack utilizes the power of visualization and helps you upload or use built-in pictures to create your own visual board. It also gives you the freedom of creating slideshows and tweak their transition with multiple effects – all of that with a soothing music in the background.

10. Reports & Charts

Visual representation of your stats renders you a clearer view of how things are going. GoalsOnTrack helps you see your progress by visualizing it in the form of charts and reports. Its Goal Review report is a plus point.

So, these are the features of the software and they invariably tell you that by using it

  • You will be more organized,
  • You will see your goals being accomplished with little effort,
  • You won’t have to slip into depression because you can’t achieve anything, and
  • You will achieve success and the consequent happiness by achieving what you yearn for.

This is GoalsOnTrack for you – a clean and clear way of making things happen by doing less. And if this is not enough, the company also gives away 4 free eBooks after you subscribe to their newsletter:

  • Organize Your Life & Goals
  • Brian Tracy’s Goals! How to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • 7 Successful Time Management Habits for Online Entrepreneurs
  • Double Your Income Doing What You Love.
Goalsontrack Smart Goal Setting Software
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