The Giants Of Quality Management W Edwards Deming

Americans became concerned with quality when it became obvious, after the 1970s oil shortage crisis, that American automakers were not losing market share to Japanese automakers just because Japan's autos were fuel efficient and inexpensive. The Big Three were being challenged by price, fuel efficiency, and noticeably higher average "fit and finish" quality, which customers noticed and cared about.

Dr. Deming, as most people addressed him, became known as the quality expert after NBC televised a special titled, "If Japan Can, Why Can't We?" on June 24, 1980. The program featured Deming as the American who introduced quality to Japan, and it showed how his quality approach fueled Japan's remarkable recovery from the devastation of World War II. As a result of that television program and Deming's work with Ford and General Motors, thousands of quality control engineers and technicians were introduced to quality management, and managers from many areas of specialty with an interest in improved productivity or reducing waste and errors were introduced to the concept of statistical quality control—variation—an elegantly simple decision-making/problem-solving method Plan, Do, Study/Check, Act known as PDSA by Deming purists and PDCA by many others. In addition, Deming introduced his 14 points of quality management. Deming's students and enthusiasts then introduced his system to thousands of organizations in the United States with varying degrees of success. Following his death in 1993, students and supporters of his approach established the Deming Institute, founded to carry on dissemination of his approaches to quality improvement.

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