The Ability to Expect and Accept Criticism

Criticism is something we can avoid easily—by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.

—Aristotle, Greek philosopher and scientist

If you expect criticism, you will seldom be disappointed when you receive it. However, note that there are two types of criticism: constructive and destructive. Of course, you should welcome constructive criticism, which is well-meaning and useful feedback. Constructive criticism should leave you feeling that you have been helped. This type of feedback can help you to learn about yourself and the impact you are having as a result of your actions. It is information you can use to help make choices for yourself and to help you grow in the direction of your personal goals.

Destructive criticism is input you receive that might be maliciously rooted and offers little, if any, real value for your learning and growth. However, what often may appear to be destructive criticism might, in fact, just be an unfortunate and ineffective attempt to offer some useful information—but from a person who does not know how best to communicate the information. Be aware that some well-intended criticism might come your way awkwardly masked in destructive garb.

You will always find those who disapprove of your behavior or your decisions. Even the people you love, and who love you, will, at times, disapprove of your actions. When people criticize you, remember it is only their opinion. If you allow the absence of their approval to immobilize you, then you are allowing others to control you. You are, in effect, saying that what other people think about you is more important than what you think about yourself. Instead, you should ask yourself if there is something to be learned from the criticism. If there is, then, by all means, learn! If there is nothing to be learned, then forget the experience and go about fulfilling your dreams.

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