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More rental than owner occupied dwellings

The real estate developer of the project believes that the current market situation demands for 25 of the dwellings in the rental sector and 75 in the owner occupied sector. This ratio may have to be changed if the demand for rental dwellings increases, for instance if the interest on mortgages cannot be fully deducted from income tax anymore. The growing popularity of new rental constructions, such as renting the casco and buying the interior, also have to be taken into account. In this alternative we will study the case that 75 of the dwellings will be in the rental sector and that after 15 years 75 of these rental dwellings will be sold. It is important to incorporate the sale of dwellings in fifteen years time in this study, because that may happen in case interest rates are currently high and will be much lower in fifteen years time. Another reason to let the dwellings and sell them at a later stage, is that during the construction period of the area it is unattractive to invest...

Frontier Melding the Separate but Complementary Capabilities of Business Case Management Project Management and

A variation on this issue is making your methodology for project delivery distinguish between development and deployment.4 In this context, development refers to the full scope of activities to take a product or service from idea to use. Deployment, on the other hand, refers to the actions required to implement a design. A real estate developer who starts with a strip of land in the desert and ends up with a retirement community is managing development, and

Case Study Multiplexthe Wellbuilt Australian

Multiplex is a diversified property business, employing over 1,500 people across four divisions construction, property development, facilities management, and investment management. Based in Australia, it has a presence in Southeast Asia and Europe. Its core construction business involves managing the design and

The challenge

The Austrian urban architect Rob Krier was hired to develop concepts. He was supported in the background by Ton Meijer, director of MAB, a real estate development company based in The Hague, which had a successful track record in complex urban real estate developments in various European countries. Although Krier's third proposal of mid 1990 had hardly any chance to survive in the political arena, the new alderman Peter Noordanus and the newly (September 1989) appointed Rijksbouwmeester Rijnboutt took the wise decision to continue the collaboration with him. The question was how