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It's at Level 2 that resources are optimized at the project level through more efficient resource requirements planning and management. This level provides the discipline that helps project managers plan and manage their projects with the fewest resources and the lowest cost while still completing their projects on schedule. Information flows in two directions at this level: resource requirements planning to estimate resource needs for a project, and resource requirements management to distribute resources assigned across specific project steps.

Resource requirements planning enables the project manager to accurately determine resource requirements for the project. It is done at a more exacting unit of measure (person days vs. FTEs) and in more detail than at Level 1, in order to increase planning accuracy. Optimizing project resource requirements involves balancing resource estimates with resource availability for a project, balancing across steps within a phase, and time-phasing steps within a phase. Resource requirements planning can use resources much more efficiently, and, as a result, directly reduce a project's cost and enable a company to complete more projects.

Improved resource requirements planning at this level also has a positive impact on Level 1. Resource requests are apt to be more accurate, and there will be fewer changes to resource requests throughout the project. Since project managers are taking into account the availability of resources in their resource requirements planning, they make much more realistic resource requests.

An important aspect of resource requirements management is allocating or distributing project resource assignments to specific steps within a phase. This step-specific distribution gives project managers the opportunity to more specifically communicate how the actual resource assignments should be deployed, and enables them to track progress and time against each step. The benefits are increased project control and more projects completed on schedule.

Both resource requirements planning and resource requirements management are explained in Chapter 7.

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