The define, measure, analyze, design, verify process is used throughout the product life cycle. Defense contractors and government activities concentrate on designing and building quality into their products at the outset. Successful new product developers are not content with the status quo or acceptable level of quality approach. Those developers respond to problems affecting product quality by changing the design and/or the process, not by increasing inspection levels. Reduction in variability of the detail design and the manufacturing process is a central concept, and is beneficial to lower cost as well as higher quality. Defect prevention is viewed as key to defect control. Astute contractors are constantly on the alert to identify and exploit new and proven managerial, engineering, and manufacturing disciplines and associated techniques, and are recognized as such.

DoD manuals stress the following, more traditional Total Quality Management (TQM) principles:

■ Total commitment to quality

■ Continuous improvement

■ Involvement of many functions

■ Long-term improvement effort

■ Customer focus

TQM principles include company actions that:

■ Produce a policy statement (vision/mission)

■ Pursue a TQM environment

■ Stress a TQM implementation plan

■ Foster ownership

■ Advocate training

■ Include quality as an element of design

■ Encourage measurements

■ Include everything and everyone

■ Nurture supplier and customer relationships

■ Encourage cooperation and teamwork

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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