The portfolio Procedures in development

The business portfolio is coordinated with key company processes and workforce capacity. Resources are reviewed against the demands of the company project portfolio.

Procedures in development integration issues. The early integration of the portfolio with other company processes means that the financial and resource implications of the portfolio are reviewed by company leadership across the board. Each top company manager has veto authority over proposed projects, and a portfolio council is organized to resolve differences and move the portfolio on through development.

This building project would first appear in the business plan as a marketing concept or program objective to enter into a commercial building project consistent with the company's growth plans. Integration of portfolio issues with other company processes requires a planning information system with the following characteristics:

1. Provides a database on current workforce commitments

2. Provides for a business impact statement for each new project proposed for the portfolio

The database can be handled through a networked Microsoft Project "resource pool," a database of all current projects and committed resources against a calendar.

Integrated portfolio business impact statement. The business impact statement is a tool to ensure integration of the new portfolio with key business processes and plans. The impact statement is completed and shared widely at the top of the company to flesh out issues before further project commitments are made. This is the first and highest level integration tool tailored to weed out projects that would have adverse impacts on other company commitments or plans.

The impact statement format is shown in Table 3-2, complete with the building case now under consideration.

TABLE 3-2 Integrated Portfolio Business Impact Statement
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