Tasklevel requirements review TLRR

General: The TLRR is aimed at highly detailed tasks: Review items: Items to be reviewed are:

A. Preliminary design schedule; is the schedule being met?

B. Design requirement synthesis

1. Interface requirements; are key interfaces being addressed by team members?

2. Performance requirements; is each component checked?

3. Applicable design standards; what design standards apply?

4. Configuration and document numbering; is each component numbered?

5. Standardization; are there standardization opportunities?

6. Layout drawings and preliminary drawings; are all drawings adequately done and documented by each team member?

C. Environmental requirements

1. Comparison to current levels; does each component meet environmental requirements?

2. Proposed verification plan; is there a verification plan for each team member?

D. Producibility and manufacturing

1. Preliminary manufacturing process; process design improvements; has each team member verified production requirements?

2. I dentification of tooling requirements; has each team member verified tooling needs?

E. Testability requirements.

1. Preliminary production test procedure; can the component be tested?

2. Specific subassembly requirements to support production test; have appropriate team members working on interfaced components collaborated on testing?

F. Quality assurance provisions

1. Design provisions for inspection; what should be inspected and should inspection be 100%?

2. I dentification of critical design features; what are the risk-based, critical design issues?

G. Reliability/maintainability/availability (R/M/A) requirements

1. Reliability issues with similar designs; are there reliability issues that need to be addressed at the component level by individual team members or subteams?

2. Preliminary assessment of high-risk, long-lead items; has each team member checked procurement availability?

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