System design risk review SDRR

General: The SDRR addresses the overall system in which the product performs.

Review items: Items to be reviewed at the system level:

A. System engineering management activities

1. Functional analysis; how does the whole system in which the product is embedded perform?

2. Requirements allocation; have all requirements been traced to a component?

3. Environmental conditions; what are the external requirements?

4. Subassembly synthesis; do subassemblies link OK?

5. Standardization; are there standardization opportunities to reduct cost?

6. System growth capability; can the system be extended later?

7. Program risk analysis; what are the system risks?

8. Producibility analysis and manufacturing; can the system be produced?

B. Results of significant trade studies:

1. Cost: What are the costs and supplier issues?

2. Cost versus performance; is the performance level attained worth the cost?

3. Design versus manufacturing consideration; is the design fit for production?

4. Common versus unique support equipment; can commonly available equipment be found?

5. Size and weight; are size and weight requirements met?

C. Updated design requirements; have all design changes been incorporated?

D. Updated requirements for manufacturing methods and processes; are new production systems reflected in design?

E. Updated requirements for operations/maintenance personnel and training; can people be trained to support the product?

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