Strategy Improve technology and plant equipment to produce new products more efficiently

The company was managing several capital improvement projects to upgrade the condition of equipment and work processes at the plant. The company needed to continue these improvements while also employing sound capital project management skills. Eastern would work to speed up completion of these capital projects and to keep them within budget and quality requirements (see Table 2-7).

As evidenced in the partial list of capital improvements listed in Table 2-7, Eastern was heavily engaged in upgrading its technological and equipment base to maintain its leadership and core competency. The company was a front-runner in keeping pace with required capital improvements to an aging plant infrastructure. Improvements, essentially new products, were underway in the product production lines, carbon plant, cast house, substation, and laboratory, and in general plant functions such as emission and noise control, and information system management.

The focus for this strategic plan was the completion of new capital projects within budget, schedule, and technical requirements. This meant developing a stronger capital project management system and employing more effective project management practices.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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