Strategy Improve Easterns impact on the environment

The company would continue to monitor its impact on the local environment, as shown in Table 2-8. These efforts would be directed toward reducing environmental degradation and pollution.

Strategic Alignment and the New Product Portfolio TABLE 2-7 Improving Technology and Plant Equipment to Produce Products More Efficiently

Project initiatives



Complete capital program and budgets each year; conduct major maintenance projects and overhauls

Conduct research to ensure that Eastern adapts or incorporates improved or emerging technologies

Develop a stronger capital project management system (CPARs) through training and other developmental assignments

Capital budgets would not be completed; maintenance projects are not completed for a variety of reasons

Completion of capital improvements, including conversion of potlines to point feed technology, substation life extension, cast house continuous homogenizing furnace rod shop anode cleaner, ladle shop ladle cleaner, bake oven rebuild potline capacity expansion, rebuilt remelt furnace, developed stack filter systems for metal treatment, facilities expansion, completed stamper upgrades for billet and slab

Completion of research and development Necessary research on emerging (R&D) projects within budget technologies is not conducted

Improved capacity to complete projects on time within budget and schedule

The SPARS system is not made operational

TABLE 2-8 Improving Eastern's Impact on the Environment

Project initiatives



Comply with federal, state, and local environmental regulations by providing proactive assistance to regulators, educating employees about regulatory requirements, promptly reporting non compliance and correcting any violations, and filing Title V air permit application

Participate in voluntary activities on environment, safety and health issues, such as EPA Greenlights, reducing greenhouse gases and PFCs, and noise nuisance reduction

Encourage environmentally sound industrial and agricultural growth

Continue farm production

Eliminate incidents of non-compliance; monitor response time for identifying and fixing violations

Eliminate environmental, safety or health complaints about the plant or its operations

Partnerships with state and local agencies

Farm production and maintenance of safe environmental practices

New regulations would be enacted that Eastern could not respond to

Voluntary efforts do not improve community relations

Local growth objectives and dynamics would change substantially

Company efforts at farm production (the company formed the area around the plant to improve its appearance) around the fringe of the plant were unsuccessful

This strategy addressed the company's environmental and community relations practices. Eastern continued to stay ahead of environmental requirements through two basic approaches: being proactive in assisting regulators at all levels in developing sound and cost effective regulations that both implement environmental legislation and meet the needs of community and the business, and planning and implementing capital improvements and operating measures to comply with environmental requirements, attempting at the same time to ensure that such improvements also contribute to overall plant productivity.

Costs of compliance increased as well in the administrative areas of record keeping, reporting, training, planning, and monitoring, and in acquisition of necessary monitoring equipment, creating the need to streamline these systems. Eastern continued to develop the capacity to prevent pollution through technology improvements and through a multi-media approach that addressed losses of material to air, storm water runoff, and solid or liquid waste streams.

Eastern continued to experience waste and non-value-added costs, such as safety and property costs related to accidents, rework and scrap, and equipment damage. Process improvement and problem-solving teams continued to focus on reducing these costs (see Table 2-9).

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