Strategy Create a safe working environment

Eastern had significantly reduced accidents in recent years, and needed the support of employees and management to continue these safety efforts (see Table 25). In addition to developing and implementing state-of-the-art safety procedures and guidelines, the company needed to consistently enforce safety and health rules and regulations.

Eastern recognized its responsibility and accountability for the safety and health of each employee, and for the preservation of property and equipment. The company would continue to incorporate safeguards and procedures into the design and operation of all facilities that minimized risks of personal injury and loss of property and equipment. Management was responsible and accountable for the safety and safe work conduct of all employees who report to them. Employees were equally responsible and accountable for safe practices as well as assisting in the on-going safety program by reporting unsafe practices, procedures, or conditions when they were observed.

As indicated in the initiatives of this strategy, Eastern was giving special priority to upgrading engineering standards to reflect safety requirements and criteria. In some cases, this could have meant added cost and time constraints on planned capital projects, an expense well worth the investment in a safer working environment.

TABLE 2-5 Creating a Safe Working Environment

Project Initiatives

Eliminate safety and health hazards by:

Upgrading engineering standards, safety features, and ergonomics consistently

Promoting employee awareness

Update Joint Safety and Health Committee guidelines

Enforcing rules and regulations

Increasing team and employee accountability for safety and health


Decrease accident incident rate Stay within accident and safety scorecard budget Improve safety severity ratio index Rate of completion of items on safety list and audits

Increased safety gainsharing payout


That safety initiatives would not be accepted and implemented by employees and managers That safety guidelines and regulations would shift substantially

Improvements in efficiency and job performance

Improved plant safety performance record

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