Step Requirements definition

The purpose of product design is to define:

■ The product setting—how the product interfaces with a system

■ Functional requirements—performance standards

■ Product architecture—design factors

■ Hardware requirements—the platform and system configuration

■ Software requirements—software and network

■ Design validation requirements—how the product performance will be ensured

■ Test equipment requirements—how the product will be tested

Each program and/or project develops product requirement specifications based on performance requirements that stem from customer needs, expectations, and wants. Here is where conflicts are resolved when it is apparent that the product cannot meet all requirements. This involves the risk assessment process, identifying and resolving potential requirements, conflicts, and risks at each step. Product requirement specifications are then converted to product and subsystem design and performance specifications. The specifications are reviewed to ensure adequacy and to satisfy applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

Software such as Requisite Pro is used to document requirements. This is necessary to establish the basis for tracking and tracing requirements to design and testing later in the process.

The concept of release is important in new product development; it is the point at which the design process task manager or engineer verifies that a product meets requirements and can proceed to the next step. As requirements are defined, individual subsystems may be released into detailed design. Product design culminates with clear definition of the requirements.

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