Step Forecast future requirements

This step identifies future program and project requirements for the department, e.g., what workload the department is likely to be required to do in the future, and forecasts the appropriate staffing level and mix to meet those requirements. Future requirement information will be obtained from program planning forecasts and other information on future project demands, as well as analysis of current assignments and durations.

This step involves developing a department staffing pattern, which defines the level and mix of staff required to meet current and future needs, and placing them into a department organization chart. The staffing pattern identifies core positions, e.g., positions that are essential to carrying out the department's role and function, as well as support and junior/training positions as required.

This step produces a plan to acquire the levels and mix of staff necessary to meet future department staffing needs. This step determines various sources of the expertise needed, various employment arrangements, e.g., employee, contractor, etc., and outlines a hiring and/or internal career development approach.

A department staffing plan includes the results of previous steps. It includes current staffing levels and mix, and assignments; staffing/workload standards; a forecast of future program requirements; future department staffing requirements; a department staffing pattern; and a staffing implementation plan.

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