Scheduling Contingencies and Improvements

Now we turn our attention to the importance of scheduling improvements, such as those uncovered in lessons learned exercises in new product development. With all of the emphasis on quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control in new product development, there is a tendency to forget that in project management it is the scheduled work—the tasks that are built into the work breakdown structure and made part of the baseline schedule—that actually gets done. If the quality functions and activities covered in this book are not actually scheduled, or if they are treated as "boilerplate" functions to be performed by the quality office, they will not be effective. Thus the reader is introduced early in the book to the scheduling process to emphasize the importance of scheduling in project quality management.

With the increasing availability of effective project management scheduling and resource management software, the scheduling process has become more useful as a project quality management tool. Software has enabled the integration of quality and resource planning as a single process because all tasks, including those specifically focused on quality such as failure assessment, can be scheduled into the baseline schedule. The purpose of this chapter is to orient the reader to the critical importance of scheduling as a practical quality tool and to point toward the useful and effective application of the quality tools covered in later chapters of the book.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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