Robust Design Phases

In the so-called Taguchi approach, variation is the enemy of quality, and the design of a product or a process is depicted in three phases to address variation:

■ Systems (part) or concept design—This phase arrives at the design architecture (size, shape, materials, number of parts, and so on) by looking at the best available technology and picturing the whole, target customer system in operation, not just the new product.

■ Parameter (or robust) design—This stage focuses on establishing parameters or measures of robust design that can serve as surrogates for perfection, e.g., mean-time-between-failures.

■ Tolerance design—This stage focuses on setting tight tolerances to reduce variation in performance. Because it is the phase most responsible for adding costs, it is essential to reduce the need for setting tight tolerances by successfully producing robust products and processes in the parameter design phase.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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