Reviewing Program Progress and Resolving Conflicts

The project manager conducts weekly review meetings with the program team to ensure a unified and informed effort. Sometimes these meetings generate substantial changes. Such change inevitably brings tension and conflict, particularly if its source for some reason is the customer. To dispel this tension, the project manager provides for a weekly agenda of discussions with the customer on anticipated changes and strategies to deal with them. This includes discussions of risks and risk mitigation strategies focused on the customer's perspective of risk. As project requirements change, the project manager ensures that the plan, schedule, and configuration management documents are kept current and distributed.

The project manager resolves resource and program schedule conflicts if possible within the team. In the event of issues and resource conflicts that cannot be resolved by the project manager, the customer, or the departments, the project manager is responsible for raising issues to a joint team of executives involving the customer for resolution.

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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