Program Review

The manager of projects or program manager holds weekly program review meetings to discuss broad program issues; detailed technical, resource, and schedule problems; project team performance; and risks. Customers are invited to attend. Project managers are responsible for preparing for these reviews and anticipating key agenda items. Department managers attend program review meetings as appropriate.

The project manager is required to track the progress of the program on an on-going basis and update the program schedule on a weekly basis. The program plan is updated as changes in plans warrant. Project managers are required to hold periodic reviews with the program team in preparation for reporting and to support task assignments and feedback, either as a single meeting with all functions represented, or as a series of meetings with major functional areas represented at each meeting. The project managers are required to report progress to customers and management at a minimum of biweekly intervals.

Problems that significantly impact cost, schedule, or product performance must be identified, investigated, and reported to management so that decisions can be made on a fully informed and timely basis. As part of the program tracking and reporting, it is the program manager's responsibility to identify those problem areas, and to assume responsibility for resolving them.

A good tracking system and weekly program review meetings are keys to the success of the project management system. The manager follows up on program reviews, and the program planner is responsible for maintaining program review agendas and documenting action follow-up. In support of program review, the project management office:

■ Flags current and new issues for the week

■ Distributes assignments to staff and gathers feedback

■ Identifies conflicts and facilitates resolution

■ Provides weekly hardcopy updates of all schedules before program review meetings with summaries of variance between planned and actual, by schedule (text and graphics); problem areas with a plan for correcting the problems; risk management issues report; 12-month lead time resource assignment reports; labor utilization and earned value; ETC (estimated time to complete); and EAC (estimated budget at completion)

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