Program information technology system

A program information system that documents all project work in consolidated schedules and resource pools ensures that work is staffed, planned, and monitored in a uniform way. This allows comparison of project progress and supports decisions on where to focus resources.

■ Network system. All program and project information, e.g., schedules, resource pools, project review, gate review data, and configuration management documents are kept on a company intranet to allow wide ranging visibility.

■ Accessibility to key information. Accessibility to information is controlled and focused on need-to-know criteria. However, customers are regularly informed on program and project progress through MS Project Central Web-based reporting systems that allow review of schedules without parent software.

■ Reliability planning. Reliability planning targets products with failure mode effects assessments and functional hazard assessments, along with risk matrix documents, to consistently design and test reliability of product performance to customer requirements and specifications.

■ Workforce training. Workforce training is designed to meet project needs as evidenced in work performance feedback reviews and lessons learned exercises with project teams in closeout.

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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