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New technology-based products such as electronic instrumentation and automated manufacturing tooling are complex and difficult to manage through to successful marketing without strong technical experience at the project management level and broad accountability from beginning to end.

Project managers need to have technical and marketing sense about the product, but they do not need to be technical experts in all aspects of the field. Technical and marketing sense means that the project manager has experience in the field, knows how to validate and verify technical data and technical sources, has direct access to the best marketing research available on the probabilities of product success in the target market, and has the respect of the product team.

We see the need for a new professional role in technology management, professional project and program managers who know technology, but who are not captured by it and who use products strategically in the global marketplace. This means they retain their objectivity in the midst of inevitable product advocacy, insist on and manage by the facts, and drive the process of developing new technologies into product design.

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Project Management Made Easy

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