Preparing Staffing Policy and Plans

This section defines the process for meeting staffing requirements through the development of staffing plans. Staffing plans are part of the project planning process to prepare for future customer and program requirements.

The objective is to initiate a planning process to prepare and implement staffing plans based on forecasted programs and workload requirements. Staffing plans are produced through a process of accounting for current staff activity, then forecasting program and staffing needs.

It is the responsibility of department managers to periodically review staffing and resource requirements for their departments, and to develop staffing plans to meet future program requirements. Based on these plans, department managers are jointly responsible for acquiring the necessary staff resources and building their capacity to meet projected needs. The planning process involves six steps:

1. Determine department staffing levels and assignments

2. Develop staffing/workload standards

3. Forecast future requirements

4. Develop department staffing requirements

5. Develop department staffing pattern

6. Prepare staffing plan

This step describes and documents current department staffing levels and staffing mixes, and relates current staffing levels to current assignments. The purpose of this step is to describe the current department workforce, functions, and assignments. One source of information for this review is the ID resource pool that reflects all program assignments from active program schedules.

The report from this step is shown in Table 7-1.

Staffing standards help compare staffing levels with performance goals. This step involves developing staffing standards that relate staffing levels and mixes of technical expertise to specific workloads or performance goals. Standards compare staffing with particular product development workloads, schedules, activities, documents, and other outputs. This allows the department manager to forecast what kind of staffing increases are necessary to meet future needs for timely product development. Functional areas, workload factors, and standards should be tailored to the department's functions, but should relate performance, e.g., meeting a functional requirement within a given schedule requirement, to staffing levels.

Table 7-2 shows a recommended sample format.

TABLE 7-1 Sample Staffing Report

Department role/

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