Portfolio management

The following are the attributes of portfolio management.

■ Top management visibility of programs and projects. The whole set of projects in a multiple project system is managed consistently in an integrated project management system. All projects are monitored using common earned value and other measurement systems, e.g., balanced scorecard.

■ Uniform project management system. A uniform approach to projects in the portfolio is ensured through a professional project management staff and PMO support system.

■ Pipeline management. Pipeline management consists of:

■ Generation of projects. A systematic way of generating projects through brainstorming, budgeting processes, and business planning

■ Evaluation of projects. A way of reviewing portfolio projects using net present value and cash flows, weighted scoring models to score projects against business objectives, and risk management

■ Selection of projects. Projects are selected using a uniform set of measures

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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