Plan tasks for earned value

To be able to interpret progress reports on tasks in terms of percent complete (as a precursor to earned value, schedule and cost variance analysis), tasks are structured so that key milestones align with percent complete determinations. For instance, if conduct process of selection is a two-week activity, one week deliverable could be meet and discuss, and the other could be vote and decide. Each costs the same in project labor costs. Thus 50 percent complete would coincide with meet and discuss, 100 percent complete would indicate that a decision has been made. This is an integrated approach to task structuring that enables meaningful earned value assessment later; without it, progress reports cannot be related to real deliverables.

Task list. The task list includes the fourth level of the building project previously referenced. This step defines the "work" for several purposes:

■ To serve as the basic definition of the "work" of each task, consistent with the definition of work in MS Project (Work = duration X resource)

■ To serve as the basis for the network diagram, each task will be an arrow in the network diagram

■ To serve as the basis for identifying risks, the first opportunity to identify high risk tasks

In Table 3-3, tasks are listed and durations for each estimated by the task manager who will be accountable for that task, along with dependencies (predecessors) and assigned resources.

TABLE 3-3 Task List

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Project Management Made Easy

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