Organizationwide project management system

■ Project management culture

■ Work breakdown structure

■ Scheduling system

■ Resource assignment

■ Task linkages and interdependency

■ Steering group

■ Matrix team structure

Program management system

■ Business planning system and strategic objectives

■ Decision process

■ Budgeting system

■ Risk management system

■ Program definition

■ Portfolio pipeline system

■ Selection process

Resource management system

■ Workforce planning

■ Workforce utilization system

■ Financial control

■ Industry standards

■ Facilities and equipment management

■ Resource pool system

Program information technology system

■ Network system

■ Accessibility to key information

■ Reliability

■ Flexible formats

■ Workforce training

■ Web-based communication and reporting system

Product/service development process

■ Key process definition for development of products and services

■ Assigned functions in matrix organization structure

■ Industry standards

■ Technology support and testing

■ Technically training workforce

■ Uniform work breakdown structure

Interface management

■ Matrix organization

■ Program review meeting formats

■ Assignment of support functions

Portfolio management

■ Top management visibility of programs and projects

■ Uniform project management system

■ Pipeline management

■ Generation of projects

■ Evaluation of projects

■ Selection of projects

Program monitoring and control system

■ Project management office

■ Corrective action procedures

■ Reporting system

■ Escalation process

Change management system

■ Change order system

■ Change impact analysis

■ Risk management assessment

Program evaluation and audit

■ Document lessons learned

■ Close out system

■ Corrective action followup

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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