Organization processes and procedures for conducting work

■ Organizational standard processes, such as standards, policies (e.g., safety and health policy, and project management policy), standard product and project life cycles, and quality policies and procedures (e.g., process audits, improvement targets, checklists, and standardized process definitions for use in the organization)

■ Standardized guidelines, work instructions, proposal evaluation criteria, and performance measurement criteria

■ Templates (e.g., risk templates, work breakdown structure templates, and project schedule network diagram templates)

■ Guidelines and criteria for tailoring the organization's set of standard processes to satisfy the specific needs of the project

■ Organizational communication requirements (e.g., specific communication technology available, allowed communication media, record retention, and security requirements)

■ Project closure guidelines or requirements (e.g., final project audits, project evaluations, product validations, and acceptance criteria)

■ Financial controls procedures (e.g., time reporting, required expenditure and disbursement reviews, accounting codes, and standard contract provisions)

■ Issue and defect management procedures defining issue and defect controls, issue and defect identification and resolution, and action item tracking

■ Change control procedures, including the steps by which official company standards, policies, plans, and procedures, or any project documents will be modified, and how any change will be approved and validated

■ Risk control procedures, including risk categories, probability definition and impact, and probability and impact matrix

■ Procedures for approving and issuing work authorizations

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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