More Tools

Each of the following tools can help in establishing and implementing a measurement system for new product development:

■ Concurrent engineering

■ Quality function deployment

■ Robust design

■ Statistical process control

■ Cost of poor quality

■ Miscellaneous other methodologies

Many times a system or new product process must be developed or completely redesigned to adapt to a new product or service concept. System improvement focuses on the development or redesign of systems. The system can be as complicated as a new way to design a soft drink bottle or dispenser or as simple as a car door. The system improvement tools and techniques can be used for any system—a system, subsystem, or part. In fact, some of the tools, such as statistical process control (SPC) and quality function deployment (QFD), have been used successfully for the continuous improvement of entire organizational systems.

Because the performance of a product is critical to customer satisfaction, this chapter focuses on the system improvement of a product. The product is any output to a customer including a system, subsystem, or part. A major impact on product performance is the product design, process design, and production processes.

The tools and techniques described in this chapter have specific application in the product design, process design, and production processes. However, these tools and techniques can be used to improve any system in the organization. They are applicable for improving whole systems, subsystems, or parts.

Effective Planning And Pursuits

Effective Planning And Pursuits

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