Monitor and control project work Inputs

The input to the monitor and control project phase is a project management plan.

■ Project management plan—(See description of the project plan)

■ Work performance information—Work performance information provides data on how the project is progressing based on the original plan.

■ Rejected change requests—Rejected change requests include the change requests, their supporting documentation, and their change review status showing a disposition of rejected change requests.

Monitor and control project work: Tools and techniques. Tools and techniques include:

■ Project management methodology—The whole process used to plan and implement a project using accepted project management tools.

■ Project management information system—A system for providing data and information on the project.

■ Earned value technique—The earned value technique measures performance of the project as it moves from project initiation through project closure. The earned value management methodology also provides a means to forecast future performance based upon past performance.

■ Expert judgment— (As explained above) Monitor and control project work: Outputs

■ Recommended corrective actions—Corrective actions are the documented recommendations required to bring expected future project performance into conformance with the project management plan

■ Recommended preventive actions—Preventive actions include all those contingencies to prevent risks from occurring.

■ Forecasts—Forecasts include estimates or predictions of conditions and events in the project's future, based on information and knowledge available at the time of the forecast. Forecasts are updated and reissued based on work performance information provided as the project is executed. This information is about the project's past performance that could impact the project in the future; for example, estimate at completion and estimate to complete.

■ Recommended defect repair—Recommended defect repair is a contingency plan addressing the process of repairing potential product defects.

■ Requested changes—Requested changes are all those authorized change requests from internal and external (customer) sources, preserved in the configuration management system.

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